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OPTIBERRY focuses on innovative processing and biorefining / extraction concepts on food prototypes and (non) food in


To maintain the quality of nature and ecosystems, it is important that the deposition of ammonia diminishes.

Triple F

The Food from Food project stimulates, supports and accelerates innovations in the agro and food industry in the field of the revaluation of vegetable secondary currents to food.


InDIRECT wants to contribute to the European objective of ‘Managing waste as a raw material’.


EuroDairy is a new network to increase the economic, social and environmental sustainability of dairy farming in Euro


The PLAID project has been designed to encourage farmers and farm employees to embrace innovations in agriculture, leading to a greater sustainability of European Agriculture.

ECCO - Creating new local Energy Community Co-Operatives

Policymakers want to unlock Renewable Energy (RE) to meet their GHG reduction targets.


LIAISON aims to make a significant and meaningful contribution to optimising interactive innovation project approache

Lean with Love

Via the Lean-principle we explore with 5 growers of Belgian endive the cleaning and packaging process of their compan


The project ‘Bedrijfsstikstofbalans’ or ‘company nitrogen balance‘ is an EIP or European Innovation Partnership proje

Goed GePASt

Certain farms in Flanders are forced to reduce the amount of ammonia emissions. Goed GePASt informs these cattle farmers about the policy and the accepted reduction techniques.

Clone of MicroNOD

The Microbial Nutrients On Demand (MicroNOD) project is a project based in Flanders supported by MIP and I-Cleantech.