Innovatiesteunpunt Platteland


Waste 2 Func

Lactic acid and biosurfactants sourced from sustainable agricultural and industrial (food) waste feedstocks a


Increasing the resilience of ornamental plant cultivation businesses by extending the sales period and consumer-oriented production

The whole corona crisis has exposed a number of pain points in the industry.


The ICaRE4Farms project aims to stimulate the use of solar thermal energy in agriculture in North West Europe.

Spatial Planning Policy Plan Ravels

The Municipality of Ravels lays down the vision for the long-term spatial development of the municipality with their ‘Spatial Planning Policy Plan’.

MobiLab Limburg

MobiLab will get to work in three small villages in the North of the province of Limburg for the next 2,5 years.

Volg Bendemakers