Food Heroes

The Food Heroes project focuses on innovative food entrepreneurs working on the reduction of food losses in the ‘neglected’ first parts of the food chain. This project kicks food losses out of Europe in 3 food sectors (fish, meat and fruit & vegetables). The aim will be to prevent food being produced for human consumption to degradate in the food waste pyramid to a lower value level.

The core element is all about developing, testing and implementing 15 innovative solutions, involving at least 120 SME’s with innovative technologies and added value solutions (f.i. energy and pharma).

This project embraces a co-creative design approach in order to collaborate across NW Europe between innovative regions and its followers. In Food Heroes the capacity for eco-innovation will be enhanced by boosting the speed of innovation adaptation from  innovation leaders (Province of North Brabant, South Ireland, State of Hessen Germany) to innovation followers (Lincolnshire, rest of Ireland, Flanders, West of France).