The ICaRE4Farms project aims to stimulate the use of solar thermal energy in agriculture in North West Europe and thus contribute to the European objectives with regard to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the increase in the share of renewable energy. ICaRE4Farms wants to support the transition to a low-carbon economy in this way.

Through cooperation across the different partner countries (France, the Netherlands, Ireland, UK and Belgium) a new system of solar boilers will be tested in 4 agricultural sectors where hot water is needed: for feeding cattle (calves) and for heating buildings (poultry, pigs) and greenhouses (horticulture).

In Flanders, the Innovation Support Center will install a test location on a farm to monitor and demonstrate the technology. In addition to the 4 test sites, additional installations throughout Europe will be supported to validate the economic model and the savings in greenhouse gas emissions. The result of the monitoring will be used to develop a digital model, including software for farms to manage their solar thermal system.

ICaRE4Farms will build an international network of distributors and installers to roll out and market these new solar thermal systems in North West Europe. The project has the ambition that 1,000 systems will be operational within 10 years.