Spatial Planning Policy Plan Ravels

Questions that are being addressed are: how are we going to build in the future? What developments do we want on our territory? What will have its place in our municipality? In which manner and under which conditions do we want this to happen?

A “Spatial Planning Policy Plan” is a new policy tool in Flanders to shape the spatial vision and policy of an area. A policy plan will be drawn up at each policy level: the Flemish level, the provincial level and the municipal level. The municipality of Ravels has a pioneering role, since few municipalities have yet started drawing up their policy plan and, moreover, there are hardly any approved plans. For this reason, the municipality wishes to include an exemplary role in the way in which the policy plan will be drawn up.

This contract was awarded to study bureau NQN51 and Innovation Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development. NQN51 is responsible for the study work, design research... Innovation Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development gives shape to communication, participation and cocreation.